Without a single doubt in my mind, I owe Dr. Seckin my life.

Dr. Seckin

It has been a really, really long time and I sincerely apologize for not sending this sooner. What I’ve learned in the aftermath of my surgery a little over a year ago with Dr. Seckin, is that it was somehow harder for me to adjust to life without pain, vs. life with pain. 

Without a single doubt in my mind, I owe Dr. Seckin my life. My fiance tells me this repeatedly, that without him we would not be able to live life and enjoy spending time with friends and family. We would not be able to plan for a family or even our wedding. Before Dr. Seckin, I rarely went out of the house. I had extreme anxiety when we made plans, for fear that my pain would cause us to leave early or cancel altogether. We couldn’t have sex and exercise was completely out of the question. The simplest things would trigger my pain and our world revolved around it. 

I could tell the difference within the first week after my surgery. I was able to walk up and down the stairs of our apartment building without doubling over in pain. Slowly but surely each day was a little bit better. A month afterward, my fiance and I went for our first run together across the Brooklyn Bridge. Two months afterward, we went on our first vacation where I was not in chronic, constant pain.  

A year later, my endometriosis no longer defines who I am. It doesn’t prevent me from working, seeing friends or even exercising. Without Dr. Seckin, my life would be a lot smaller and less hopeful and for that, I am eternally grateful. 



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