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EndoMEtriosis: A Guide for Girls

From the award-winning Dr. Tamer Seckin comes a book is written for all of the Endo Warriors out there, from the thirteen-year-old girl who is being told that her pain is “part of becoming a woman,” to the woman who has been misdiagnosed for decades—and needs to know she is not alone. Every girl has the right to be pain-free. To live the life they want to live. The journey toward new and happy lives for young women begins now!

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The Doctor Will See You Now: Recognizing and Treating Endometriosis

Endometriosis materializes when the endometrium – the tissue that lines the inside of the uterus – sheds but does not properly exit the body during a woman’s period. Instead, this tissue grows outside of the uterus, spreading to organs and nerves in and around the pelvic region. The resulting pain is so physically and emotionally insufferable that it can mercilessly dominate a woman’s life. The average woman with endometriosis is twenty-seven years old before she is diagnosed. Endometriosis is one of the top three causes of female infertility. The pain can affect a woman’s career, social life, relationships, sexual activity, sleep, and diet. It is incurable but highly treatable. Unfortunately, the disease is rarely treated in a timely manner, if at all, because of misdiagnoses and/or a lack of education among those in the medical community.

This book gives hope to everyone connected to endometriosis. That includes every woman and a young girl who has it, and the women and men in their lives – the mothers, fathers, partners, children, and friends – who know something is wrong but do not know what it is or what to do about it. This book is written at a level that everyone with ties to this disease can relate to and understand, but it is also for doctors with good intentions who lack the knowledge of how to diagnose or treat endometriosis.

The Doctor Will See You Now is for women determined to share their stories so that every woman with this disease, from the thirteen-year-old girl who is being told that her pain is “part of becoming a woman” to the woman who has been misdiagnosed for decades, knows she is not alone. 

Yes, her pain is real. No, she is not crazy. Yes, there is hope.

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