Out of State and International New Patient Instructions

For out-of-state and international patients seeking surgery at Seckin Endometriosis Center, we offer an expedited (but never rushed!) treatment plan. Ideally, our doctors will see you for an initial consultation in the office on a separate visit from your pre-op appointment. At the time of their scheduled surgery, out-of-state patients must commit to a one-week stay in New York City. Please note, depending on the type of surgery, patients usually need between five days and one week of post-operative recovery time before they are ready to return home. This week-long visit will usually entail:

  1. pre-operative appointment
  2. additional team consultations and imaging tests, if necessary
  3. surgery
  4. post-operative appointment

PLEASE NOTE: We can never guarantee a one-week stay, in total. If your case is complex (e.g. multi-organ involvement), a longer recovery period in NYC may be necessary. 

Steps to arrange surgery with Seckin Endometriosis Center

Contact our office to speak with a New Patient Coordinator

  • Call our office to speak with a new patient coordinator. You may contact us at (212) 988-1444. 


  • Submit an inquiry through our online platform and we will review your case details. A new patient coordinator will call you within 24 hours of your initial inquiry.

Complete our health history questionnaire

We will send you an online health history questionnaire form. Please complete this form before your visit or arrive 30 minutes early to complete it in-office.

Send us your medical records

This may include:

  • any recent imaging test results (MRI of the pelvis, ultrasounds)
  • surgical OR reports, including pathology and pictures from the procedure
  • medication list 

Please note, if you are not in possession of your records, you may have your primary care physician send us the aforementioned documents. Government regulations require patients to complete a medical release form before their doctor can forward medical records to another physician. Please submit a completed medical release form to your doctor and your medical records will be sent directly to us.

Planning your visit to Seckin Endometriosis Center 

If you are flying in for your visit, JFK is the closest airport, approximately 30 minutes from our office. La Guardia (LGA) and Newark (EWR)‎ airports are also viable options. We strongly suggest you make hotel arrangements in advance. For hotel and accommodation recommendations, please contact our office directly. 

A tentative surgery schedule is outlined below. We advise that you schedule your trip accordingly, to minimize the duration of your visit. Precise dates may vary, but generally, your schedule will read as follows: 

If your surgery is on a Thursday, you should plan your trip according to the following schedule:

Monday: arrive in New York City 

Tuesday/Wednesday: a pre-op appointment 

Thursday/Friday: surgery day

Saturday through Monday: recovery period 

Tuesday/Wednesday: a post-op appointment 

PLEASE NOTE: We can never guarantee a one-week stay, in total. If your case is complex (e.g. multi-organ involvement), a longer recovery period in NYC may be required. 

Get a Second Opinion

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