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Endometriosis Abstracts and Publications

Endometriosis Abstracts & Publications

Here you can find a list of Dr. Seckin's publications in print or other media as well as information about educational materials.

Seckin Endometriosis Center

Seckin Endometriosis Center

Read about Seckin Endometriosis Center, a private medical practice dedicated to providing patients with life-altering endometriosis treatment

Our Surgery Techniques

Incision endometriosis

Read about the different techniques and approaches that we use, which make our approach for endometriosis surgery so unique.

Patents, Inventions, and Trademarks in Laparoscopic Surgery for Endometriosis

ABC Endometriosis Technique

Read about our patents, inventions, and trademarks in laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis and how these make us unique.

Lectures and Presentations

Dr.Seckin Lectures

Here, you can find a list of the regional, national, and international lectures and presentations that Dr. Tamer Seckin was invited to give.

Meet Tamer Seckin, MD: An Internationally Renowned Endometriosis Specialist

Nonsurgical Endometriosis Management

Dr. Tamer Seckin, an endometriosis excision specialist surgeon who delivers personalized care and a standard of excellence.

Seckin Endometriosis Center in the Press

Endometriosis News

Read articles featuring Dr. Seckin and the Seckin Endometriosis Center (SEC) in different platforms in the United States press.