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Who we are

Seckin Aqua Blue Excision (ABC) technique

The Seckin Endometriosis Center (SEC) is a private medical practice dedicated to providing patients with life-altering endometriosis treatment. We exclusively practice minimally invasive, deep excision laparoscopic surgery to deliver targeted treatment and lasting relief.

We are internationally recognized for our expertise in complex cases of endometriosis, particularly deep infiltrating endometriosis of the pelvis, which can cause rectal disease, sciatic and pudendal neuropathy, and sigmoid, ureter, and bowel obstruction.

Dr. Seckin is a world-renowned excision surgeon with over 35 years of experience in the field and over 30 years of exclusive experience in laparoscopy. Dr. Seckin’s immediate surgical team includes Dr. Karli Goldstein, a fellow of endometriosis surgery who has trained extensively with Dr. Seckin.

To date, we have performed over 4,000 endometriosis surgeries, and we remain committed to improving the lives of countless women across the globe. The Seckin Endometriosis Center (SEC) is a tertiary referral center that provides patients with life-altering minimally invasive surgery for all of their endometriosis needs. Patients travel from all around the globe to receive our world-renowned laparoscopic deep-excision surgery.

What makes us different? 

There are several standards of care we uphold in all of our endometriosis surgeries in order to provide patients with the best quality treatment. 

We operate exclusively out of Lenox Hill Hospital where we have a long-established relationship with a team of dedicated personnel. 

Our expertise in complex cases of endometriosis is renowned, particularly deep infiltrating endometriosis of the pelvis, which is known to cause rectal disease, sciatic and pudendal neuropathy, and sigmoid, ureter, and bowel obstruction. 

We use a sophisticated technique based on precision and micro-surgery, which allows for organ preservation as well as pain and adhesion prevention. 

Our commitment is exclusively on the deep excision of endometriosis using advanced laparoscopic techniques. We have serious reservations concerning robotic surgery, particularly for cases of endometriosis, due to its present lack of haptic feedback and proprioception, and its limited capability in handling advanced cases involving the retroperitoneum.   

We use our unique patented Aqua Blue Excision technique (ABC), which allows for the increased visualization of lesions, resulting in better identification and excision of endometriosis. 

Meet Dr. Seckin

Tamer Seckin, MD
Tamer Seckin, MD

Dr. Seckin is an endometriosis specialist and women’s reproductive health advocate. He has been in private practice for over 30 years at Lenox Hill Hospital with a team of highly skilled personnel.

Dr. Seckin specializes in advanced laparoscopic procedures and is recognized for his expertise in complex cases of deep infiltrating endometriosis of the pelvis. He is particularly keen to perform fertility-preserving surgeries on cases involving the ovaries. He has developed patented surgical techniques, most notably the “Aqua Blue Excision” technique for better visualization of endometriosis lesions.

His surgical techniques are based on precision and microsurgery, emphasizing organ and fertility preservation, and adhesion and pain prevention. Dr. Seckin is a pioneer and advocate in the field of endometriosis.

Read more about Dr. Seckin.

Meet Dr. Goldstein 

Dr. Karli Goldstein
Dr. Karli Goldstein

Dr. Goldstein is a gynecologic surgeon who completed her residency at Lenox Hill Hospital. During this time, she trained extensively in endometriosis surgery with Dr. Seckin.

Dr. Goldstein joins Seckin Endometriosis Center as an associate surgeon but also as a Fellow of Endometriosis Surgery. She will continue to dedicate her practice to deep excision surgical methods and work hard to be a driving force for future endometriosis research.

Dr. Goldstein herself is a stage IV endometriosis patient, who underwent excision surgery after years of trying to find a diagnosis. She has the unique ability to empathize with patients throughout all aspects of care.

In addition to her experience with precise laparoscopic excision surgery, it is Dr. Goldstein’s passion to promote wellness with an integrative approach for endometriosis patients.

Dr. Goldstein spent her childhood in international schools all over the world and speaks Spanish, French, and Italian. 

Read more about Dr. Goldstein here.

Meet Amanda Chu

Amanda Chu, MD - Endometriosis Specialist
Dr. Amanda Chu

Amanda Chu, MD, is a Board Certified Gynecologic Surgeon who joined the practice in 2021 to focus on Complex Endometriosis Care.

Dr. Chu completed her OB/GYN residency at Lenox Hill Hospital, where she trained under Dr. Seckin. She then went on to complete a Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery (MIGS) at Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Hospital in 2021.

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