This testimonial is for Dr. Tamer Seckin. Thank you for restoring my belief that there are surgeons and doctors out there like yourself that genuinely care about their patients’ health and quality of life. To my “endo” (for endometriosis) sisters, know that you are not alone, our pain is real, and there is hope, “never, never, never give up,” said Winston Churchill.

My pain started at a very young age, during my adolescent years. I remember dreading gym class because any physical activity on the days of my menstrual cycle would cause me to vomit due to the severity of my pelvic pain. I remember my prom, an exciting time for me and my friends, getting dressed up, make-up and all, but all I can recall is getting my period, and being in so much pain that I cried the entire time I was getting ready. Fast forward to my honeymoon: period again, and my first few days as Mrs. Flores became days I just wanted to sleep and not feel the pain.

Before being diagnosed, I had learned to live my life around my pelvic pain. I was told by multiple doctors over countless appointments that “I just have painful periods and to take more anti-inflammatory drugs.” I figured, “this is my life and there is nothing more I can do.” However, after a few difficult and unsuccessful years of trying to start a family, I decided to give another side of medicine a try, Eastern Medicine, which led me to Dr. A. Hunter, specializing in women’s health and fertility. For the first time in 10 years, I heard the word “endometriosis.” She said that, based on my symptoms and what she was able to tell about my body through acupuncture, I may have endometriosis. She referred me to a well-known specialist in the Bay Area (CA), and on September 20, 2013, the specialist strongly believed I had endometriosis, and an operation (excision laparoscopy) would be needed to explore and treat. After that day, I felt a huge weight lifted off my shoulders; like the dark clouds that have been hovering over me for almost a decade, have now gone away. Finally, an actual diagnosis that explains why my quality of life and fertility have suffered for so many years. So on January 8, 2014, I had my first laparoscopic surgery. My pathology report showed Stage 2 endometriosis, ovarian cysts, uterine polyps, adhesions, and endometriosis on my appendix, which led to the removal of that organ. Over the next few months, I sadly continued to feel the same monthly pelvic pain, severe inflammation, fatigue, and lower back pain around the time of my ovulation and menstrual cycle, just like before surgery. Of course I felt disappointed, but I figured I just needed to give my body more time. 

However, after 6-7 months had passed from surgery, the pain did not get any better. I decided to further my research about treatment options and surgery techniques, and that led me to Dr. Tamer Seckin in New York City. At first I hesitated to meet with Dr. Seckin. The hesitation came from a place of fear. I was scared of the thought that I might need to do another surgery. But, I heard a “whisper.” Some may call it intuition. It told me to let go of my fear, and have courage. So on July 29th, I met with Dr. Seckin for the first time, with my supportive husband by my side. We immediately connected with Dr. Seckin, and he believed, as did my husband and I, that I still had endometriosis, and his unique technique would allow him to be extremely successful. In our two hour, very thorough appointment, I saw a caring, genuine, only says what he believes to be true, innovative, and confident surgeon. I trusted him, and the second I walked out of his office, I knew he would be the one to do another surgery on me.

On December 4, 2014, my husband and I left home and our fur-babies in California, and flew all the way to NYC for one week to have my second excision surgery. Results showed I had 28 areas of inflammation, 11 of those areas positive for endometriosis. I can’t even describe the feeling I got when he shared the news and 18 pages of pictures as evidence with me. The one word that does come to mind is “grateful.” Grateful to Dr. Tamer Seckin for taking me in as his patient, caring for me as if I was his one and only patient, and genuinely wanting the best for

Listen to your body, your whispers, and I hope yours guide you to Dr. Tamer Seckin, like they did for me.

With love,


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