Jessica’s Testimonial

Dear EndoFound, 

I would like to thank the EndoFound and Dr. Seckin for all your help. For years now, I have been tossed back and forth between numerous doctors that have either misdiagnosed me or have completely given up on my health. I have struggled with pain that has been unbearable due to endometriosis and other GYN issues that have affected my work performance e school, social life, have damaged my relationships with boyfriends. For some time now I have had extreme pain during and without my menstrual eyeless pain during intercourse, pain with bowel movements, and sometimes with urination. I have had three surgeries to repair any problems that I had with the vaginal and pelvic area.

After being fed up with hormone treatments such as Lupron and birth control which did not help, and two laparoscopies that were six months apart I started to give up on hope and figured that I would have to deal with pain for the rest of my life and would result in me never having children I was told a year ago by my OB/GYN “have a child and then we will remove everything to prevent it from ever occurring again.” After trying to conceive for a year and preparing myself to throw away my dreams of finishing my college education I started to do my research. I found Dr. Tamer Seckin off of the internet I prayed that he would be the answer to all my problems. I realized that he was not covered under my insurance and worried about how I was going to go about my treatment with him.

Before I began to get sick to the point that I could not carry three jobs under my belt one as a nursing assistant at NSLIJ Huntington Hospital as a nursing assistant (I still work with) and two private cases I worked as a hospice aide I had enough to pay for school and maintain payments for my health care providers. So as you can see I have spent most of my young adulthood taking care of people and I very much love my profession. I always take care of people no matter the cost and I would put myself last. When I came to the conclusion that I was not going to be able to afford to go through with the surgery that needed to be done by Dr. Seckin I had gone back to my regular OB/GYN immediately and discussed the pros and cons of the operation that was going to do but I would go through the same issues six months later and needless to say, I was not happy to hear that. I gave Dr. Seckin another call to see if he could work with me then his wonderful secretary Kim had said “Dr. Seckin is going to waive the cost of your surgery. He really wants to help you and not see you go through the same issues six months from now.” I was not expecting something like this to happen to me. I’m used to being jerked around and unfortunately, I don’t have people in my life to help me financially.

From the moment that I stepped foot into Dr. Seckin’s office, I will admit I did feel a bit out of place but that two lovely females of his office Kim and Lucy made me feel at ease. Dr. Seckin welcomed me with open arms and got right to the point and did not beat around the bush. My laparoscopy took place Friday, October 7th I am very GRATEFUL and I APPRECIATE all of his help along with the staff of his office and the staff of Lenox Hill Hospital. I hope for a speedy recovery so I can return back to school to further my education in nursing and return to work on November 1st.

I will always hold Dr. Seckin in my heart for he is the one that I did not give up on me and gave me an equal opportunity that his paying patients would get. I have also made a Youtube video thanking EndoFound and Dr. Seckin for all of your help. Once again thank you so much.


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