I just wanted to say thank you to God and to Dr. Seckin for helping me feel better

I am a 36-year-old female from Nigeria, West Africa. I just wanted to say thank you to God and to Dr. Seckin for helping me feel better and feel like a woman again. I have been battling severe pain for the past 20 years, especially during my monthly period without any solution. It got worse at the beginning of this year and I was praying to God to just set me free through death, but death didn’t come. I went for the first surgery in March where I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I thought it was over but it was just the beginning of terrible pain and sleepless nights. I had multiple visits to emergency rooms; I stayed in the hospital for weeks without any solution. Medical doctors told me there was no solution to my problems and that I have to go home and manage my unbearable pain with medication. I took gazillions of pain medications every day but the pain was just getting worse. I nearly lost all hope until my husband started searching for the solution on the internet and came across Dr. Seckin. We called Dr. Seckin’s office and were scheduled for an appointment immediately. Dr. Seckin helped us a lot by working with our insurance, the surgery was done within three weeks. Before the surgery, I lost 45lbs (This was a lot because I am petite in stature). Nothing stayed in my stomach and I would vomit every day. After the surgery, I recuperated very fast. I gained all my weight back within three months. I’ve not taken any pain medication for the past two months and I sleep well at night. Dr. Seckin, I remember the first day I came to your office, you told me I would be fine again and you are right.

Thank you, once again for all your help and thank you to all your wonderful staff.

Elizabeth A.

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