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I Have Endometriosis

It was really hard feeling so isolated in my own body that I had no idea what was going on or what was happening to me. I started developing the signs that I couldn't really tell if they were normal or not for a young girl to go through. It was just in my general pelvic area and I was very, very uncomfortable. I remember one day I was laying in my apartment and I woke up and I couldn't move. It felt like everything from my hips down were paralyzed and any move I made, it was like this sharp, sharp shooting pain, as if someone was stabbing me. My menstrual cycle lasted about eight to nine days. And the same episode happened again about a month into me being home. I realized at that point, something was seriously wrong, and I knew that I had to go to the hospital. I was honestly petrified. I thought that at that point I was either losing an ovary, I had cancer, I had this ... My mind was just going insane.

I was baffled. If there's something this large growing on my ovary, wouldn't the first instinct for doctor to do would be to remove it? And I knew right away that I needed a second opinion. So I went to another doctor and he told me right away, "You're going to need to be put into surgery. We don't want to lose your ovaries." She says, "I think that you might have endometriosis." I honestly never even heard of the word. I had no idea what it was, but I knew that, one, I could start researching on my own, and two, that I had enough resources around me that I could be able to get help.

When I finally met my doctor and I got a 100% definite that this was endometriosis, I felt so relieved that I had somebody there that was actually paying attention to me. I was going to know why I was feeling the pain and I was going to finally have answers. I don't feel strange into my own body anymore. I could almost embrace the fact that I have something and I'm dealing with it. I know many women who were diagnosed with endometriosis and had multiple surgeries and ended up having no problem having kids and having one, two, three kids. I aspire to be a nurse, and I hope that even if I'm able to help one girl and give her some sort of insight, I think that it's really important. I hope that I could take having endometriosis and use it to benefit another patient.


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