There are no words to thank you for the care

Dear Dr. Seckin,

There are no words to thank you for the care and the difference you have made in our daughter’s life. Nicole is 15 years old and had missed her entire 8th and 9th grades of school because she has been in so much pain due to endometriosis. Nicole has seen numerous doctors in our area, we’ve taken her to Boston to be treated, and she’s been prescribed numerous medications, and has even had surgery in Boston. We have been told to take her to a pain management clinic that it’s just her period and all women go through this. Nothing had helped the constant pain she was in until we found you.

Besides having endometriosis, Nicole suffers from an autoimmune deficiency and Von Willebrands Disease. She was having her period for 45 days at a time. When she wasn’t having her period, she was doubled over in pain. For the last five years she has had no quality of life.

After Boston told us that they were not sure how to treat her and that we should take her to a pain management clinic, my husband Scott googled “top endometriosis doctors”. We came us with a list and then gave the list to her medical doctor, Dr. Garrity. After researching the doctors, Dr. Garrity suggested that you would be the best fit for Nicole and proceeded to make an appointment for us the following week.

Nicole’s life, along with Scott and I, and our son Jake has improved 150 percent. We could tell that the surgery you performed on Nicole was a success the day after you operated on her. When Nicole was released from the hospital the day after her surgery we went back to our hotel room and Nicole asked us (at 10:30 p.m.) if we could take her outside and walk around Time’s Square. I cannot explain to you the emotions that Scott and I felt at that moment. For the last two years we would have to fight to get Nicole to go anywhere. You operated on her on May 8th, which was the Thursday of Mother’s Day. I could not have received a better gift then the gift of my daughter telling me that she wasn’t in any pain.

Thank you again Dr. Seckin for giving us back our daughter. We cannot tell you how much you and Dr. Garrity mean to us. We think of you as our family. You are our hero!


J. and S.

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