Thank you so much for giving me back my life

I just turned 30 years old a week ago. My whole life I have been planning events, vacations, and even work- sometimes around my periods. Two weeks prior to my period every month, I’d become symptomatic. I’d get bloated, moody, and would suffer terrible body aches. My menstrual cycles were life changes, which is how I referred to them. Once I got my period, mentally I would feel relieved but physically- especially the first 2 days I would be keeled over in pain so bad that I would wake up from the cramps….once I even went to the ER. I could not keep living this way and felt there was no hope unless I underwent surgery that would temporarily put me in menopause, which I clearly didn’t want because I want a family one day. For almost a decade- I was given the same answer from gynecologists suggesting birth control pills, removing my cyst with a burning technique, or putting me through ‘temporary menopause.’ I even tried homeopathic methods like acupuncture for relief or answers. 

My mother and father who still live in Florida felt there had to be a solution out there. So, she googled my symptoms and called me and said, “I think you have endometriosis.” I had no clue what that was or what that meant but once I looked up the information she sent to me- I fit the criteria. Under the endometriosis link she also found Dr. Seckin was the man to go to in order to cure my symptoms. I read all of his testimonials and had hope! Finally, I felt I was not alone and there was hope! So- we called Dr. Seckin. We made an initial consult in March of 2015. He made me feel so comfortable and gave me a light at the end of the tunnel so to speak- said that I don’t have to go through the suggested other methods from other gynecologists for this and explained the surgery he wanted to proceed with upon my MRI results. We all decided to plan my surgery ( first surgery ever!) at the end of June. However, June 3, 2015- I went to an exercise class. I wasn’t supposed to get my period for another 2 weeks but, again- still felt a bit symptomatic. Exercising in the past sometimes cured the pain but in this case it enhanced it. I had to leave the class early because I was cramping to a point where I couldn’t stand up. I finally got into the car and drove myself home. The pain was so intense, I was in so much pain that I was keeled over driving home unfortunately rear ended this woman in front of me on the way. Maybe it was the adrenaline I felt, however my problem now was my car accident and not my pain. I was seconds away from my house, so the tow truck driver dropped me at home and I immediately called Dr. Seckin. I told him what happened and asked, “If I were your daughter, what would you recommend I do?” He said very sternly, “I’d get into a cab and come to Lennox Hill.” I believed in him and knew something was very wrong with the way I felt so I followed his instructions. It is a good thing I did because after the tests and exams in the ER, they admitted me upstairs and I was getting prepped for emergency surgery in the morning with Dr. Seckin. My mom was flying up to see me and Dr. Seckin welcomed me with open arms in the OR when I saw him. I was nervous but had no time to really think of being afraid of the surgery which was a good thing! People are very accurate when they speak of surgery and just waking up in the recovery room because that’s exactly what happened to me! My mom was there and told me they took my appendix out as well as the endometrium, fibroids, and cysts- explains the back pain right?

All I have to say is Dr. Seckin, Lucy, and Kim-thank you so much for giving me back my life! I feel like a new woman… and I am so thrilled it is all behind me. I just went to Dr. Seckin and received my pathology report from the surgery which all was fine-thank goodness! There are really no words to describe how grateful I am for this second chance at life. I can go about my life normally now without worrying about my next period! I can plan events and go to work without a whole vile of IB Profin 800/heating pad with me! if you or if you know someone who has dealt with these symptoms, Dr. Seckin is the person to go and see. This type of surgery is really all he does so, he has encountered pretty much every scenario of endometriosis there could be. Don’t feel like you need to go through this pain and suffering because there is a solution. So again cheers to you Dr. Seckin for you really gave me a whole new perspective on life at 30 years old- Lucy, you have been amazing with answering my questions and removing my stitches and Kim for fitting me into Dr. Seckin’s schedule! Again, I can’t thank you all enough so I shall stop here!

Thanks Again from the bottom of my heart

Jess S.

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