“Take Back the Day” Essay-Writing Contest

Blossom Ball

In April, I described the Endometriosis Foundation of America‘s recently established, public “Share Your Story”. Thanks to your willingness to share your endometriosis stories, all of us who have the disease may get help. And the archive is growing! Now, Dr. Seckin has informed me about another, similar endometriosis-awareness initiative, an essay-writing contest actually. The deadline is this Friday, May 7.

How do I enter the essay-writing contest?

Read all about the “Take Back the Day” essay-writing contest on the Endometriosis of America’s website.

So, how would you take back one day that you lost due to endometriosis? What would you do instead?

Enter this writing contest today and speak out.

What can I win?

The winner will get a chance to go to the Endometriosis Foundation of America Blossom Ball this May 20 in New York City and meet cofounder Padma Lakshmi who is an actress, author, Emmy-nominated Top Chef host, and icon of endometriosis awareness and advocacy.

By entering the essay contest, you will also be helping raise awareness about endometriosis. And this means that we all win.

Increased awareness about this painful, debilitating disease that strikes about 10 million US women and adolescents (176 million worldwide) is critical. The earlier endometriosis is treated (ideally laparoscopic excision surgery), the better.

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