Michelle’s Story

Well, where to begin?

My name is Michelle S. and I am 38-years-old. I’ve suffered from severe endometriosis since the age of 15 (I believe) although it wasn’t as painful as it became in the last 10 years. Sill always had terrible menstrual cycles and sometimes thought I was bleeding to death. Always going to the doctor, and them telling me it was all normal and to
just deal by taking birth control but I would just bleed on them, too. At age 20, I had my son Michael who is the light of my life and quite a miracle because I never had another child since and could not get pregnant after him. So sometimes things are just meant to be, even though I was young I was so
lucky to have him. 

Rewind to about 8 years ago, my husband Daryl and I were desperately trying to conceive. We went to doctor after doctor trying IVF and IUI. I had 3 laparoscopies to get rid of cysts that were huge and burning the lining of my uterus. You name it, I did it: the shots in the stomach to get pregnant, the pills, teas, massage therapy, all of it. I blew up like a balloon and looked like I was 7 months pregnant but that was not the case at all. I was continuously bleeding for months straight, sometimes to the point where I could not even walk. The sizes of the clots were so big that I thought I was having miscarriages. Sorry to be so graphic but I was you to fully understand what I went through. So this went on for years still getting the run around from doctors
and still telling me to try this hormone or another IVF (giving myself and my husband false hope) that is was possible to conceive. After years of trying I was at the end of my rope. Oh, did I mention I drive a school bus? Try that when you’re bleeding to death. So finally I went back to my regular GYN, and once again she said I was too young for a hysterectomy and that this is all normal, to just deal with it. She did suggest an ablation, which I heard does nothing for women with endo. So when I left I decided to take matters into my own hands and search for someone who specializes in endometriosis and this is what brought me to Dr. Seckin!

Please don’t think this was the end, it was far from it, but I will try to be short… I made an appointment with Kim, the receptionist, who has now become one of my friends who I speak with one a weekly basis. Lucy, the nurse, is just the nicest and goes above and beyond to make you comfortable and get your questions answered right away. They are both amazing and I would like to thank them both.

Back to the story…I went to the office where they were preparing for the “Blossom Ball” that week so there was a lot of hustle and bustle.

Kim and Lucy kept apologizing and I told them it was fine, it was a good feeling knowing they were all working on ways to help endometriosis patients. Dr. Seckin then called my husband and me into his office and closed the door behind him, telling the staff to not bother him. This is when I knew this is the man that is going to help me. He answered all of our questions, talked to us for an hour, examined me and it did not that him one minute to tell him that I was in need of a hysterectomy, and I would never conceive, it was very bad. Also, I have adenomyosis, which I never heard of. So all of those other doctors were actually making things worse, he was not bashing them just stating that they are not educated enough to deal with these problems.

Dr. Seckin said with all this info to go home and speak it over with each other and come back next week and we will decide about surgery. I just loved that he was right to the point and no more false hope, just getting to
the matter at hand. My husband was almost in shock at how bad I was inside, not that he didn’t believe me, but when he heard it from Dr. Seckin it hit home.

We really wanted another baby and we were very upset that all of our trying was for nothing, we felt cheated, physically and emotionally. So we went back to Dr. Seckin and decided the surgery would be
scheduled, I was eager to be fixed and get on with my life. The surgery was complicated but I felt great the next day, I was walking the halls (maybe a little too much) and could not wait to get home. I went home and thought I was the best healer from a hysterectomy ever for a couple of days and then the shoe dropped and I got a fever of 102-103 and Dr. Seckin had come right back in and gave me a new antibiotic and I was on my way again. I thought I was okay and then I started to leak fluid, oh my, and back to Dr. Seckin I went. He said not to worry, that I will be fine. Due to how bad my endo was, it was probably stuck to my bladder and when he was doing the surgery, it gave way. So he worked hand in hand with a urologist. Between the two of them, they came to the diagnosis of rectovaginal fistula, in which I would have another surgery to fix it. All the while, Dr. Seckin and Dr. Broderson were always by my side knowing I was scared to death by all of this. They helped me understand what was going on.

I had my repair surgery on May 20, 2011. Both Doctors and a team were all in the OR with me, I will never forget, as they put me on the table to get me ready to fall asleep, Dr. Seckin was right next to me holding my

hand and whispered to me “Don’t worry, Michelle, I know you are scared but I am here and won’t leave you and will do everything I can do to get this all fixed up for you. You will be okay!”

I still have chills writing this. As I woke up, my husband was right over me and told me it was another long surgery and he had spoken with both doctors and everything looked great. A few hours later and many nurses and doctors later, I was able to fully comprehend what was going on. Next, in walked the urologist, who said it was a long and difficult surgery but that in his words “Dr. Seckin is an absolute genius” and he feels that it all went well. So this is now three weeks later and I feel great. I am going to have the catheter out on Tuesday and pray that there are no more problems. People have asked me if I wished that I did not have the hysterectomy and my response is no way. I am one of the lucky ones who found a wonderful doctor and was able to be worked on and become endo-free. Even if it came to having a fistula and another surgery I still feel better than before. It has been a long road for me but with the caring of my family and the expertise of Dr. Seckin, I am on my way to a better life, pain-free!

Thank you,
Michelle S.
Again, thank you to Dr. Seckin, Dr. Broderson, Kim, Lucy, Meghann and all the nurses at Lenox Hill Hospital 

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