Mary’s Endometriosis Journey

I am four months post-op with Dr. Seckin. I just re-read my journey pre-op and I truly realize how much my life has changed in these few months. I can confidently say the surgery was a huge success. Remembering how much pain I was in every day seems unreal now. I would say it took about 2 – 3 months after surgery for me to really see how big the difference is. I started pelvic floor physical therapy about a month after surgery which really helped me understand the healing process and what exactly was happening in my body. My last 3 periods since surgery have been a bit rough pain and lengthwise but I was assured they would get better and I trust they will. I don’t have too much pain in between periods now which is a huge difference from before.

Mentally I feel 100% better. I can think more clearly, I’m so much more motivated in all aspects of my life. I feel more present during family and friend functions and in work situations. That alone is the biggest blessing I could ask for. I didn’t realize how unmotivated I was until I wasn’t in pain every day. It’s hard to think about anything else when you’re in that much pain and bleeding constantly. Looking at it now, I feel like I was in this terrible endo bubble for the past 5years and it completely controlled my life even when I thought I was in full control.

I am able to work mostly pain free again (without heating pads and pain killers) and even want to take the next steps to further my career. Although this seems like a normal thing for a person in their 20’s to do, I wasn’t able to think about any of that because I was sick all the time. It’s sad when I think about how much time of my life was wasted in the diagnostic stages; however I feel extremely lucky to be out of this nightmare because I know there are so many women still going through it and will for a very long time.

 I am forever grateful to Dr. Seckin for giving me my life back. This disease is very ugly and although I always used to say, “It could always be worse” I know first-hand now that it can also be so much better.  I think it’s very important for all women going through this to know you do not have to do this alone because in its darkest stages it can feel extremely lonely and hopeless but there are people out there who can and are willing to help you.  Thank you, Dr. Seckin.

Mary M.

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