Meet Dr. Karli Provost Goldstein: An Endometriosis Specialist

Dr. Karli Goldstein
Dr. Karli Goldstein

Dr. Goldstein is a board-certified minimally invasive gynecologic surgeon who completed her residency at Lenox Hill Hospital. During this time, she trained extensively in endometriosis surgery with Dr. Seckin.

The Seckin Endometriosis Center

She joined Seckin Endometriosis Center as an associate surgeon and completed a 3-year fellowship on endometriosis surgery and minimally invasive surgery under Dr. Tamer Seckin. She joined the practice in 2017 and has performed close to 1000 endometriosis excision cases with Dr. Tamer Seckin. She will continue to dedicate her practice to deep excision surgical methods and work hard to drive future endometriosis research.

A patient herself

Dr. Goldstein herself is a stage IV endometriosis patient, who underwent excision surgery after many surgeries and years of trying to find a diagnosis. She had an extensive journey with infertility as well and went through multiple rounds of IVF, surrogacy attempts, and adoption attempts before finding the right approach to surgery and finally fertility. She is passionate about patients’ fertility journey and has endometriosis-focused or preventative treatment options for them.

Dr. Goldstein’s unique abilities

Dr. Goldstein has the unique ability to empathize with patients throughout all aspects of care. In addition to her experience with precise laparoscopic excision surgery, her passion is to promote wellness with an integrative approach for endometriosis patients.

She spent her childhood in international schools all over the world and speaks Spanish, French, and Italian.

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