Improved Quality of Life

It has been 2 years, 02/03/2012, since Dr. Seckin performed surgery on me to treat endometriosis, and my quality of life has significantly improved socially, professionally, and intimately. Since my surgery, my activity level has increased to regular workouts, attending social functions, and participating in work-related and personal travel. For over 20 years, I have dealt with constant painful cramps, and have visited numerous doctors/specialists who have resorted to issuing me pain medication and shots. My days of crying, using heating pads, missing work, being unable to participate in functions, and constant doctor visits are over.

I thank God for finding Dr. Seckin. He is incredibly skilled in the area of endometriosis. During my first visit, he assured me that he would help me get better. Truthfully, I was skeptical based on my years of similar promise from previous doctors. He has definitely come through, and I am pain-free. His nurse, Lucy, also deserves a special mention for her competence and thoughtfulness.

Kind regards,


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