If doctors didn’t question it, why should I?

For twenty years, my period brought horrific back and leg aches, and knife-like abdominal pain. I reported my level of pain to various doctors; however, up until Dr. Seckin, no doctor asked me follow-up questions or showed concern. If doctors didn’t question it, why should I?

When my husband and I failed to conceive after a year, the standard diagnostic testing turned up nothing abnormal. I received an “unexplained infertility” diagnosis and the first of many recommendations to pursue assisted reproductive technologies.

Over the next three years, I saw about ten reproductive endocrinologists and gynecologists to get answers. I had heard about endometriosis and asked whether I might have it. These doctors claimed surgery for endo would not help me get pregnant, so we went forward with an IUI (which failed).

Frustrated by the formulaic and impersonal approach by the reproductive endocrinologists, and still curious about the actual reason for our unexplained infertility, I eventually sought out information on endometriosis on my own and found Dr. Seckin’s book. Only then I begin to understand why there’s such a disparity in how the medical community views treating endometriosis—the two main types of endometriosis surgery are vastly different.

My husband and I drove from Virginia to New York for a consult and eventually scheduled the surgery. A year ago, in the recovery room post-surgery, Dr. Seckin stood by my hospital bed and told me he had removed fourteen lesions.

It’s hard to put into words how that moment validated all the pain I had endured with my cycle for all those years. It turns out I don’t just have a low tolerance for pain! The multiple trips to NYC, the medical expenses, and the painful post-op recovery were all SO WORTH IT. This surgery was one of the best decisions of my life.

I would report on my cramps post-surgery; however, I have yet to experience a period in a healed body. We conceived naturally very shortly after the surgery—after over four years of infertility!

Our baby boy is now one month old. I’m tremendously grateful to Dr. Seckin, and the entire staff!

Alison T.

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