Thank you, Dr. Seckin, for my “new beginning” after a life-long struggle with Endometriosis

My name is Antoinette R. I am 36-years-old, and I am from Yardville, New Jersey. I am taking this time to thank Dr. Seckin, for my “new beginning” after a life-long struggle with endometriosis.

I was 11-years-old when I experienced my first menstrual cycle, and until this day, I can still remember how the night I felt the night before I got it the very first time. I had no idea that it was just beginning of several years of utter torture. My menstrual cycles were always irregular and extremely heavy, to the point I would need my parents to bring me another school uniform to school due to having bled through the one I wore. This continued all through out my high school years. I also experience spotting in between cycles resulting in going on the birth control pill at age seventeen. As I got older, I started to get a lot worse. The pains were different, they were sharper and more frequent. I would bleed three weeks out of the month.

After seeing several doctors in the state of New Jersey, they all prescribed the same imaging test, which all came back normal. Not one doctor suspected endometriosis, nor did they make any effort to go the extra mile to diagnose me. In fact, I was told that “ there was nothing wrong with me, and to go home and figure out what was really bothering me,” assuming my pain was psychological. I was treated as though I was crazy and making it all up. I felt worse when I walked out of the doctors visits, then when I walked in; now not only suffering from severe physical pain, but now the emotional pain caused by the way I was treated. 

Meanwhile, my symptoms worsened, prompting me to see yet another gynecologist, who diagnosed me with endometriosis via laparoscopy in 2009. However, and unfortunately, my symptoms returned a short time after that.  The same doctor performed another laparoscopy on me in 2011, and I was convinced this was it this time, and I would finally be better. Well, what happened to me was the complete opposite. It was as if my body retaliated from the second surgery and my Endometriosis became even worse and much more aggressive. The symptoms debilitated me. I would go to work, and suffer through the day, and on top of it all incur great embarrassment due to my limping and waddling around the work place. Then, one day at work the pain about so aggressive, I collapsed. I knew then that I was in trouble, and needed a specialist. My family and I researched specialists in endometriosis, and we found Dr. Seckin on the computer. I had a feeling even before I had the pleasure of meeting this man, that he would help me. I called Dr. Seckin’s office, and I was so nervous the first time I called. A very kind woman named Lucy answered the phone. Lucy set up my first appointment with Dr.Seckin, and we sat and talked of my illness and past experiences. It was such a feeling of great relief to have someone finally understand me, and what this disease can do to an innocent person. He was also sensitive and aware of how “us” that have this disease are mistreated, due other doctors lack of knowledge and avenues this disease can take. 

Lucy set up each and every appointment for me, and she was always kind, considerate and caring through this rough time. I understand surgery with Dr. Seckin on August 2, 2012. He successfully found and excised all of my Endometriosis.  I owe the thanks of my “new beginning” in life to this man, Dr. Seckin. I thank him for believing in me when others didn’t. I encourage others suffering from this horrible disease, to seek their help from Dr. Seckin. His compassion, respect and care for me and this disease will never be forgotten.

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