France Announces New Strategy Against Endometriosis

France Announces New Strategy Against Endometriosis
President Emmanuel Macron announced that he is launching a new national strategy to combat endometriosis in France.

France launched a national strategy to combat endometriosis, as announced by President Emanuel Macron. The aim is to raise awareness about the disease and ensure women receive a diagnosis in a timely and proper manner.

“It’s not a women’s problem. It is a social problem,”

Macron said, talking about this debilitating disease, which costs billions each year in lost productivity and absenteeism and affects around 1 in 10 women of reproductive age.

The national plan will allocate designated centers of treatment in each region of France. Moreover, it will form research teams to study the cause of the disease.

“France should serve as an inspiration for what we must achieve here in the United States by furthering the foundation’s work with our partners, patients, and policymakers,” said Dr. Tamer Seckin, the co-founder of The Endometriosis Foundation of America. “Washington should join Macron’s call to action in order to create the global movement for endometriosis awareness and reproductive health that we have been fighting for so long.” 

“I look forward to a day in the near future when we see the same priority from policymakers here in the United States,” added co-founder, Padma Lakshmi. “Our foundation is committed to making this a reality and letting the millions of women and their families here know that they’re not alone.”

In the US, Congresswomen Nikema Williams (D-GA) and Jenniffer González Colón (R-PR) had recently re-established a bipartisan Congressional Endometriosis Caucus. Likewise, The Endometriosis Foundation of America launched a coalition called UpEndo to support the caucus and raise awareness about the disease, increase research funding, and advance policy around endometriosis.

About endometriosis

Endometriosis is the growth of endometrial-like tissue outside the uterus. The exact cause of the disease is not clear. However, scientists think that it is the result of a combination of genetic and environmental factors.

Currently, laparoscopic excision surgery is the gold standard for the treatment of endometriosis. It can relieve women from excruciating pain and ensure they have the best chance at natural fertility.

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