FAQ’s about Seckin’s Aqua Blue Contrast Technique

FAQ’s about Seckin’s Aqua Blue Contrast Technique

Laparoscopic deep excision surgery is the gold standard for diagnosis and treatment of endometriosis. Dr. Seckin’s patented Aqua Blue Contrast technique makes the approach even more accurate and sensitive. Here are some FAQs about the technique.

What is Aqua Blue Contrast?

Dr. Seckin and colleagues developed the technique to help clearly visualize all endometriosis lesions and differentiate them from the rest of the tissue.  

The peritoneum lights up like the night sky when we apply the dyes,” Dr. Seckin says. “We can then excise each lesion in turn.

Seckin Aqua Blue Excision Technique (SABE)

How does it work?

After making laparoscopic incisions, the pelvic peritoneal cavity is immersed in Aqua Blue Contrast solution. The solution is then sucked out again. Then, retroperitoneal hydrodistension with adjuvant methylene blue follows.

Is the use of methylene blue safe?

The Aqua Blue dye consists of 1% methylene blue in 3000 cc of sodium chloride solution. Methylene blue was traditionally used for the treatment of diseases like malaria, methemoglobinemia, and carbon monoxide poisoning, but this is no longer the case. It is on the list of the World Health Organization (WHO) essential medications due to its minimal side effect profile.  It also has a protective effect in reducing neuroinflammation. 

Does ABC really help with positive outcomes in treatment?

A study by Dr. Seckin and colleagues showed that laparoscopy deep excision using the Aqua Blue Contrast technique enhanced the surgeon’s vision and allowed the detection of lesions that would have otherwise been missed under normal operating light.

Five years following surgery using this approach, the recurrence rate of symptoms was as low as 4.3% compared to 16.1% in women who underwent surgery using normal laparoscopic light.

In how many procedures has Dr. Seckin used the technique so far?

At the Seckin Endometriosis Center, more than 1000 patients with endometriosis have undergone surgery using the Aqua Blue Contrast technique. The US Patent and Trademark Office recognizes the technique and advanced laparoscopic surgeons can use it with minimal cost.

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