Endometriosis and Painful Sex: the Right Questions to ask

Endometriosis and Painful Sex: the Right Questions to ask

One of the cardinal symptoms of endometriosis is painful sex. Yet, this is one of the least discussed topics between doctors and their patients.

Endometriosis can cause different kinds of pain during sex

Endometriosis can cause different kinds of pain during sex. For example, it can lead to pain during entry, pain with deep contact, and pain exacerbation with different positions.

Questions your doctor should ask

It can be difficult to discuss sex with your doctor. So it is important that they ask the right questions.

I don’t ask “Do you have painful sex”, says Dr. Seckin, instead, I ask “Do you have to interrupt sex, do you have to change position?”

Other questions that your doctor should ask about endometriosis and painful sex are:

  • Did you stop having sex because you cannot endure the pain?
  • Do you continue having sex just to please your partner?
  • Do you experience pain during orgasm?
  • Do you have pain the day after you had sex to the point that you cannot walk?

Endometriosis can cause pain even without the act of sex

Endometriosis is a hormone-dependent disease. It can, therefore, lead to pain even without the act of sex, during arousal for example, due to oxytocin. Some women may have pain during masturbation and orgasm.

The impact of endometriosis and painful sex on relationships

The difficulty of discussing these issues with your partner can have profound effects on your relationship. However, know that you are not alone.

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Recognizing the different kinds of pain that endometriosis can cause and asking the right questions are of utmost importance. It can ensure that women are aware of the source of the problem. This can, in turn, improve their relationship with their partner as well as their quality of life.

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