Dr. Seckin’s Response to Dr. Drew

Response to Dr. Drew
Response to Dr. Drew

Here’s Dr. Seckin’s response to Dr. Drew:

“I’m Dr. Seckin, founder of the Endometriosis Foundation of America. You are all aware of the unfortunate comments that Dr. Drew made regarding women who suffer from endometriosis.

I believe it is my responsibility to make sure colleagues like Dr. Drew don’t set the medical treatment of women back to the times of Sigmund Freud when doctors believed that monthly pelvic pain was a form of hysteria – a mental illness. These women were put into mental institutions, straight-jacketed, and given hysterectomies!

Treatment and improved quality of life are out there for the millions of women who suffer from this debilitating illness!

Doctors must be aware of how to diagnose and treat endometriosis early to prevent unnecessary suffering, infertility, and even cancer. 

They must update their knowledge and have an exchange of information with those of us who are knowledgeable about this disease and who dedicate their lives to treating this devastating illness.

I am sure Dr. Drew would agree that we should use this platform to exchange information, for learning, and – most importantly – helping our loved ones, friends, wives, mothers, and daughters.”

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