Dr. Seckin changed my life, and I wish I had found him sooner.

Dr. Seckin changed my life, and I wish I had found him sooner.

I have dealt with heavy and painful cycles all of my life. I had difficulty getting pregnant, had multiple miscarriages, and a child born too premature to survive. I had multiple surgeries to address “female issues”  but none fixed my problems. I was finally diagnosed with Endometriosis about 15 years ago, had surgeries, and felt worse than ever. My pain and fatigue reached a point where I couldn’t continue, and then thankfully we found Dr. Seckin.

At our first meeting, Dr Seckin and his staff showed caring for both myself and my husband who has lived this disease alongside me through our 25 years of marriage. We traveled from out of state for the appointments and operation and Seckin Endometriosis Center helped us all along the way. Dr. Seckin was detailed in his explanation of the procedure and what I should expect, and everything was on point. Since my operation less than 3 months ago, I am no longer in pain, I have lost 30 pounds and my body feels like it’s working correctly again.

Many women live with pain on a regular basis because their endometriosis is undiagnosed or not addressed. I am so grateful we found Dr.Seckin and the team, and I now have my life back.

Best Regards,

Jacqueline F.

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