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Words cannot express our gratitude

Dear Dr. Seckin

Words cannot express our gratitude to you,

My wife has lived with Endometriosis for the past twenty years, twenty years that she cannot get back, twenty years that she quietly suffered, twenty years that she was misled, misguided, and otherwise not cared for by the doctors that we had placed our trust and confidence in.

Just like many of the testimonials documented in your book, we were lead to believe that multiple surgeries and childbirth, would eventually give her a better quality of life; this was clearly not the case. My wife’s condition gradually got worse and doctors began to run out of answers.  We were told that her condition was so severe that surgery was becoming riskier, not something you want to hear when you know the surgery would soon be the only option left on the table.

A serious lack of confidence in her OBGYN and a feeling of great despair prompted us to begin searching for another option. Following a thorough investigation, we came across Dr. Seckin and were fortunate enough to get an appointment within days. Dr. Seckin took the time to speak with both of us in-depth and following the examination, confidently and clearly laid out all of our options. My wife actually cried as she had realized that we finally found someone that not only understood her disease but was capable of curing her.

The minute we stepped into Dr. Seckin’s office something just felt different. He immediately restored our confidence and we knew we were not alone.  It was overwhelming to see how many other patients he had helped.

Changing lives is what Dr. Seckin is all about and Dr. Seckin thank you for changing my wife’s life! You are a gifted doctor and wonderful person and we truly appreciate all that you have done for our family.

With our most sincere gratitude,


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