Dr. Seckin, an extraordinary humanitarian and talented, passionate surgeon

In April 1999, I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (“IBS”). Since then, I saw countless doctors about my stomach issues. Every diagnosis seemed to be wrong and every treatment produced no results. I was frustrated and resigned to living with this unknown malady. During my annual physical, my doctor recommended making an appointment with Dr. Seckin.

That afternoon I called Dr. Seckin’s office for an appointment expecting to hear the usual diagnosis of IBS or another gastrointestinal issue. But when I met Dr. Seckin, the whole process was different. I was shocked and amazed. Dr. Seckin is passionate about his work and it shows. He and his staff got to know me as a person, rather than just a chart. He explained to me that I had endometriosis and that unfortunately, it goes misdiagnosed for millions of women. I felt both validated and nervous. He thoroughly answered every question (with drawings included), and acted as more than a doctor; he also treated me as a friend. By the end of my appointment, I knew I was in great hands.

When I think of Dr. Seckin there is one particular moment that stands out in my mind. I was in the operating room, waiting for the surgery (my first one ever) to start, and felt a little anxious. Dr. Seckin leaned over to me, and said “sweet dreams.” With those two words, my fears evaporated. I woke up in the recovery room a few hours later, with little pain and Dr. Seckin by my side. I was expecting to be bedridden for days. I walked out of the hospital (a little tender), amazing both my family and friends. After my surgery, Dr. Seckin and his staff continued to show how much they cared about my well-being by calling daily to see how I was feeling.

I feel so lucky to have found Dr. Seckin, an extraordinary humanitarian and talented, passionate surgeon, who truly changed my life. I realize there are millions of women out there suffering from the same frustration I felt. I hope they go to Dr. Seckin and experience the same happiness I have found.


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