I have since felt like a new person – pain and fear free!

I have had episodic, intense, abdominal and pelvic pain my entire adult life. Whenever I brought this up to physicians they couldn’t find an explanation. I learned of Dr. Seckin this summer through a lucky recommendation.

I got an appointment within days. Dr. Seckin and his staff put me at ease upon arrival to the office by being very warm, friendly and interested not just in my medical case but also in me personally and even in my work. After the first exam, Dr. Seckin determined that I had endometriosis and a large cyst both of which needed to be surgically treated as soon as possible. I was relieved to finally have a diagnosis but very anxious about the surgery and its timing – I had plans and tickets to leave the country.

The doctor treated me like family with warm reassurance. He held my hand and said that he would help me as he explained the disease and procedure. The entire office staff jumped through hoops to get me into surgery as soon as possible so I could still make my trip. This is especially astounding in light of the fact Dr. Seckin’s office is consistently extremely busy. I felt that I was getting VIP treatment as the doctor found a way to operate on my timeframe despite being in very high demand.

When I saw Dr. Seckin in the hospital prior to surgery, he again made me feel calm and optimistic distracting me with warm and pleasant conversation. I then met his surgical team which was friendly and excellent as well. The surgery took about 3 hours. Although the recovery was at times rough the first couple of days following the procedure, I was back to normal and ready to travel within a week.

The doctor went over the results of the surgery and prognosis. He gave me photos and a DVD of the procedure. I felt informed and included throughout the process. The incisions were tiny and have almost disappeared after 2 months. But most importantly, I have since felt like a new person – pain and fear-free! I firmly believe that this is not only due to Dr. Seckin’s superior skill as a surgeon and his deep interest in his work but also the care, respect and optimism he surrounds his patients with. I cannot thank Dr. Seckin and his team enough!



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