Marilyn’s Story

In late July of 2001, I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer. My gynecologist at that time recommended that I undergo a complete hysterectomy. Since he was no longer performing surgical procedures he recommended the services of Dr. Tamer Seckin whom he had assisted through hundreds of previous procedures utilizing the laparoscopic surgical technique. My referring doctor assured me that Dr.Seckin was truly skilled in this area and had achieved excellent results with patients who had similar conditions. Dr. Seckin was not only truly brilliant in the way he handled my surgery, he also conveyed an excellent way of relating to me as I went through this difficult period in my life. Today I am cured of cancer; I have no discernable negative side effects from the surgery. Generally speaking, I feel great. I feel truly fortunate that I was able to utilize the expert services and knowledge of Dr. Seckin.

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