I had my laparoscopic surgery in December of 2008 and I feel great

I would like to share my experience regarding Dr. Seckin. I had two gyn doctors before I met Dr. Seckin. The first doctor had retired and a friend of mine recommended the second doctor. During my first visit to the second doctor I had given him my history that I had developed cysts during my early 20s and 30s. He proceeded to do a pap smear and I had advised him it would be best to also do a sonogram due to my history. He told me that it was not necessary and if I was not planning on having children any time soon that he would see me in two years. I was appalled at the way he handled my situation and decided I would not go back to him. A friend of mine had recently had surgery for endometriosis and I asked her about her gyn doctor.  She highly recommended Dr. Seckin and I immediately made an appointment to see him (3 months after seeing the previous doctor).

When I went for my initial visit with Dr. Seckin it turns out I had a fibroid tumor and needed to have it removed. I had mentioned to him about my concerns since I never had surgery in my life and I wanted the option to be able to have children. He assured me that the surgery would be laparoscopic and that a hysterectomy was not an option. During the surgery I not only had the tumor but I also had endometriosis but Dr. Seckin was able to perform the surgery and keep my reproductive organs in tact. He is an exceptional doctor and I would not trust anyone else but him to decide what is best for me.

I had my laparoscopic surgery in December of 2008 and I feel great. The 3 incisions that he made during my surgery are no longer visible.

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