Mariam’s Story

Dear Dr. Seckin, 

I thank God for a doctor like you; I was so sick and tired of fighting every single day. My life was a living nightmare, then my condition became worse than ever. I literally could no longer live a normal life; my mind was consumed with the disease.
I was faced daily with physical and mental pain, my own frustration, excruciating painful horrible cramps, the bleeding wouldn’t stop at all, I was getting heavy blood clots for a whole month. I was frustrated, and feeling very alone not knowing what to do anymore. I’ve been suffering from endometriosis for 3+ years and have been so discouraged with every doctor I’ve seen except Dr. Seckin.

Dr Seckin is an absolute blessing. He took time, he helped me all through my surgery. The girls in the office were wonderful, helpful and full of compassion during my struggle. They were sympathetic to my financial struggles and made this difficult time easier. I had my surgery about one month and two weeks ago. I give thanks and pray everyday to our creator, the merciful God, to keep me healthy.

Dr. Seckin, you have been a terrific doctor; I wanted to thank you and the girls for helping me take control of my life again.

You are appreciated more than words can ever say.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so relieved. I sympathize with each and every one who has endometriosis.


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