I am just so fortunate that I found him at age 23

I had always suffered through terrible, agonizing periods. I would also get shooting pains in my side at random times. The first doctor I went to about these problems told me not to worry about them until I wanted to get pregnant. My mom had bad endometriosis and went through various surgeries and pain because of it. She knew I probably had endometriosis too. “Not worrying about it” was not going to work for me. My current gynecologist did a laparoscopy on me, officially diagnosed me with endometriosis, and then administered Lupron shots. That treatment worked well for a while, but eventually my symptoms came back and I was in pain again. I remember feeling so frustrated that I had gone through a surgery and strong hormone shots just to wind up where I had started. Then my mom went online and found Dr. Seckin’s website.

After our first meeting with Dr. Seckin, I felt such incredible hope. He promised me that he would fix me. And he was 100% right. I feel better than I ever thought possible, and I owe it to Dr. Seckin. I no longer get aches and pains in my side. I no longer have to miss work because I’m having terrible, unexplained cramps. It doesn’t hurt to go to the bathroom anymore. I don’t have to spend time and energy worrying about my endometriosis. I am free to enjoy a normal life.

It’s hard to believe that one surgery could take care of what I spent so many hours agonizing over, but Dr. Seckin is able to do that. I am just so fortunate that I found him at age 23, thus saving myself probably a decade or more of suffering. I highly recommend Dr. Seckin and his staff. They are so wonderful, and they have enabled me to live a completely peaceful life.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Lauren L.

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