I can now travel and pursue my hobby of photography without fear and panic

I found myself in Dr. Seckin’s office very scared, desperate, and confused about what was happening to me. I had been having a lot of problems in emptying my bladder over the past two years, especially during my periods. The last cycle, however, was the worst.  I felt like my urinary track was completely blocked. I was literally pushing drops of urine out of myself. I couldn’t work or function in or outside of my house. Dr. Seckin not only diagnosed and treated my problem with a great deal of skill and professionalism; he did so with warmth, understanding, empathy, and compassion. Dr. Seckin gave me a new lease on life.

About three years ago, a large fibroid tumor, which was found in my uterus, was embolized during an outpatient procedure at the Lenox Hill Hospital. I am under regular care of my gynecologist who felt that while fibroid may have something to do with my problem, the connection between the fibroid tumor, which was shrinking in size, and my urinary track problem was not clear. Dr. Broderson, my urologist, suggested that to continue treating my problem as a urological one was not effective anymore and suggested that there may be a connection between urinary retention problem and the fibroid. He recommended Dr. Seckin as a highly regarded specialist in the field of laparoscopic surgery. Since I wasn’t fully convinced whether or not I wanted to go ahead with the surgery, I sought a second opinion of another specialist in the field at the North Shore LIJ Hospital. The doctor’s office was totally disorganized and his demeanor in suggesting diagnosis and possible options for treatment was far from reassuring.

Dr. Seckin was able to diagnose the root of my problem as the fibroid turning in the uterus and by doing so completely blocking the urinary track. He scheduled and performed hysterectomy on emergency basis. 15 minutes after I was brought to my room from the recovery room, going with a great deal of apprehension and nervousness, I made an attempt to urinate. To my great relief, I was able to so without any difficulties. I can now travel and pursue my hobby of photography without fear and panic.

From the time I entered his office and throughout my recovery process, not only Dr. Seckin himself but his whole staff has been treating me with consideration, sympathy and respect.
I highly recommend Dr. Seckin.

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