Dr. Seckin: A Great Doctor of Medicine

Dear Dr. Seckin,

I’m praying to our God right now for Him to take over my heart with this pen to express how happy we are that we found you, “a great doctor of medicine” to help our daughter, Jessica. Jessica has been sick for 17 years with endometriosis. She has had four operations, endless times in the hospital, infections after infections, and the pain that goes along with it. It seemed like it would never end. I keep praying, please God let us find someone who really can help Jessica… a doctor who is gentle, caring and takes their time to explain everything to us clearly, and that was you, Dr. Seckin. As parents, you’ve helped Jessica’s father and I understand this disease and communicate better. As parents, we want the best for our children whether they are 5 or 102-years-old, as they are our babies. We love them so very much.
We know that Jessica has a new life because of you. I also want to thank the ladies in your office. They are always loving, caring, and polite. God bless you all and your beautiful families and friends. Be safe.

Hugs, kisses, and prayers, 

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