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Dr.Seckin’s Short Film

Tamer Seckin, MD:
My name is Tamer Seckin. I am a gynecological surgeon who specializes in the treatment of a disease called endometriosis. I like challenge and I like to seek the truth. This condition is the number one reason that causes female pelvic pain and it goes on to cause infertility. The medical challenge was that we were treating these women wrong. These women were not crazy. These women were not having sexually transmitted disease. These women had endometriosis. That's the main crux of the mission of our foundation, early diagnosis, timely intervention and removal of the disease and the cause. It's really of reproductive justice in a way. These women should have also equal potential to be a mother, to enjoy life.

It's surreal. It's like my whole life has been [inaudible 00:01:09] in pain and I feel like I finally have an avenue not to be in pain anymore. I'm very, very confident that I'm going to have a new lease on life. He's very dedicated, he's got a mission. He wants to educate.

Tamer Seckin, MD:
I think mine is like a visceral addiction to the patient's wellbeing. You can change somebody's life so much. They're calling you two years later, here's our son. That's a great feeling. I'm obsessed with disease recognition at its earliest phase. If you can't recognize the disease, you cannot treat. It's simple as that. I use this ABC technique, aqua blue contrast technique. We recognize the early disease much more precisely. It's a very simple technique. It's like bringing a filter. It's like nighttime versus daytime. You look at the sky, where are the stars? At night, bang, everything is up there. Same thing.

Tamer Seckin, MD:
As I am sucked into the world of endo, I really don't have time to do things I used to do. I enjoy music. You never forget the things that you love and especially music truly stays there. The American Turkish Society is a very, very high quality society that had brought significant voice and recognition to many causes politically, musically, and in this case to a health cause. I appreciate their recognition amongst so many talented and successful people that they could pick, they picked me. I'm truly humbled, actually and I thank them.


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