The Sixth Annual Endometriosis Medical Conference

Annual Endometriosis Medical Conference, Lenox Hill Hospital, Sat April 11-13th, 2015

Awareness day

 The EndoFound’s 2015 Awareness Day

EndoFound’s 2015 Awareness Day gathered patients, loved ones, educators, advocates, and medical professionals to share experiences and continue the ongoing dialogue related to endometriosis. Attendees discussed a wide range of topics. These included surgical treatment, hormonal therapies, nutrition, exercise, pain management, fertility, botanical therapies, adolescent care, and relationships. Deborah Bush from Endometriosis New Zealand opened the day with an engaging talk that had everyone out of their seats and moving!

Awareness day also featured the presentation of the first-ever ENPOWR Award honoring Senator Jeffrey Klein, NY-34, and the schools from the Young Women’s Leadership Network (YWLN).  Senator Klein was on hand to accept the award. He announced that NYS would fund The ENPOWR Project, the EndoFound’s adolescent education program, for the third consecutive year. Two students from the Queens school accepted The YLWN award was accepted byrepresenting the over 700 students within the network who learned about endometriosis through The ENPOWR Project.

ENPOWR Award honoring Senator Jeffrey Klein
ENPOWR Award honoring Senator Jeffrey Klein

Medical conference

Titled, “Ending Endometriosis Starts at the Beginning,” the EndoFound’s sixth annual Medical Conference was a weekend of clinical, surgical, and scientific discussions facilitated by an international faculty addressing procedures, protocols, and research advances in endometriosis.

Sunday’s talks focused on the clinical care of endometriosis, and specifically, excision surgery practices and techniques. Dr. Stephan Gordts delivered his famed “Weeping Ovary” lecture, which was a highlight from the day. Monday’s program offered lectures from top endometriosis researchers including Dr. Peter Gregersen of the ROSE Study and Dr. Stacey Missmer from the Boston Center for Endometriosis.

This year’s Harry Reich Award was given to Dr. Ronald Batt and Dr. Robert N. Taylor for their practice, research, and advocacy toward improving women living with endometriosis. Their keynote lectures were a highlight of the program. It offered insightful evidence of the progress gained through a lifetime of work, as well as hope for the future of endometriosis care.  

Attendees included patients, researchers, and physicians from across the country, as well as medical students arriving on EndoFound travel scholarships. This serves as part of the organization’s commitment to educating the next generation of physicians in best practices for endometriosis care. EndoFound is thrilled by the successes of this year’s meeting.

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