The 2023 Endometriosis Medical Conference Is Fast Approaching

Endometriosis 2023:
From Molecular Fingerprints to
Multiorgan Complex Surgery

In the last few decades, there have seen incredible advances in endometriosis research, diagnosis, and care. To recognize this, the Endometriosis Foundation of America (EndoFound) organizes a medical conference each year. This brings together leading researchers and clinicians in the field of endometriosis and other gynecological disorders. The 2023 Endometriosis Medical Conference is titled “From Molecular Fingerprints to Multiorgan Complex Surgery”

The 2023 endometriosis medical conference

This year, EndoFound is organizing the 14th chapter of the annual medical conference. The meeting will take place on April 1-2, 2023 at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. It follows the Endometriosis 2023 Global Patient Symposium that took place on March 18-19 at the same place.

It is well-known that endometriosis has a significant genetic component. Understanding the disease at the molecular level will open up new therapeutic opportunities and better chances of improving fertility.

The 2023 endometriosis medical conference aims to discuss new developments related to the molecular basis of endometriosis and look at ways of translating this to the clinic.

The program is helmed by EndoFound’s co-founder Dr. Tamer Seckin, EndoFound’s Scientific Director Dr. Dan Martin. The planning committee comprises of Dr. Piraye Beim, Dr. Harry Reich, and Dr. Amanda Chu.

Agenda: from molecular fingerprints to multiorgan complex surgery

Day 1 of the conference on April 1 will kick off with an introductory keynote speech by Dr. Dan Martin. Important discussions on topics such as endometriosis management during hysterectomy by Dr. Ted Lee, and changes in laparoscopic hysterectomy by Dr. Harry Reich, the pioneer of this technique will follow.

There will also be sessions about new advances in the field. These include single-cell analysis of menstrual tissue, leveraging artificial intelligence for the early detection of endometriosis, and characterizing the menstrual fluid for non-invasive diagnosis, among others.

Further in the day, researchers will discuss cutting-edge discoveries including immunology mapping for adenomyosis and infertility, targeting epigenetic regulators, and single-cell genome-wide approaches

Day 2 will start with an important discussion about the effect of endometriosis on fertility. This will be followed by new model systems for research including organ-on-chip models. There will also be presentations on using patient-derived organoid models to study endometriosis in vitro.

Other topics include insights on neurogenic inflammation in endometriosis, deep endometriosis, challenges in deep endometriosis surgery, mechanisms of menstrual pain, the role of pluripotent stem cells in the development of endometriosis, and biomarkers in menstrual effluence.

The complete agenda can be found on EndoFound’s medical conference website.

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