Thank you for being our New York Angel

Dear Dr. Seckin,

I believe in a divine love that is God. I believe that divine love comes in many forms, as a feeling, a knowing, a person, a resolution, a ‘coincidence.’ Having found you I experienced all 5. As cheesy as this sounds, I have now experienced that angels live among us. So I have learned never to give up hope. That hope is the very last thing to go. Thank you for taking the road less traveled. You have made all the difference.


Sarah F.

Dear Dr. Seckin,

Although Sarah’s journey is not yet over, you have played a big part in her life. During these past fourteen years, I have been challenged in ways I could not have imagined. During these difficult times, I have been blessed with meeting some truly incredible, caring people. They have given me the strength to believe things will be OK. I have read that we all have angels in our lives. Thank you for being our ‘New York Angel.’

With best wishes,

Tracy F.

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