His wisdom and insight have been invaluable

I have always been a rebel. Time and time again I have bucked the system, not trusted the system, and questioned the overall basic integrity of the system. It was with this mentality that I demanded an exploratory surgery be done by my OB/GYN to look for endometriosis. She thought I was nuts, but proceeded to schedule what she said would be a “30 minute look-see”. 3 hours of heavy ablation (burning) later she decided to agree with her patient’s original self-diagnosed case of endometriosis. I was given two options; one option was Lupron, and the other was a hysterectomy. After hours of tireless research, I knew that neither of those options presented a cure. In the months that followed the ablation procedure, my pain became much worse, and the presence of menstrual blood in my stool each month became a common occurrence. After a colonoscopy was performed, it was confirmed that a portion of my colon wall had been infiltrated by endometriosis. After doing hours and hours of research, I ran across the name of Dr. Tamer Seckin in New York City. As I read further, I found that he had actually been the one to patent his excision technique that allows him to remove endometriosis at its deepest level, all without harming the sensitive nerves and organs that are involved. After an encouraging phone consult with Dr. Seckin, my surgery was scheduled for the end of August, 2013. I flew from Northeast Mississippi to New York for this surgery. The procedure lasted approximately 5 hours, and 7 inches of colon were removed. The amount and extensiveness of endometrial growths were astounding. It was through Dr. Seckin’s excision techniques and careful preservation of tissue samples that I was later diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. While it finally was given the name of Primary Peritoneal Low Grade Serous Carcinoma, the cause is the deeply infiltrative endometriosis. The tumors that were removed in my hysterectomy were malignant at a stage 3, but the remaining cells are pre-cancerous. Were it not for Dr. Seckin and his excision technique, I have no doubt that I would have been dead in 5 years. His wisdom and insight have been invaluable, and I know that my life would have been cut considerably shorter were it not for his expertise. 

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