Stage 4 Endometriosis

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It was April 2016 when I was first informed by an OBGYN who was an endometriosis specialist that I potentially had “stage 4 endometriosis”. Not knowing what that meant and being told that I had to undergo surgery as soon as possible, was frightening.

Within a month, I was scheduled and ready to have an operation. As my impending surgery date got closer I grew weary, nervous, and anxious about the operation and what that meant for my future of possibly being a new mom for the second time.

Finding Dr. Seckin

Common sense made me cancel my initial surgical appointment and opted to research further to get a second opinion.

After a day in increased pain that had been lingering for weeks on end, I came across Dr. Seckin’s website and based on his patients’ testimonials and how much information I was able to gather, based on my current symptoms and banking on being told by a specialist that I possibly had “stage 4 endometriosis” I immediately called his office to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

The first visit

At my first visit, I presented my symptoms to Dr. Seckin who was very much compassionate and very informative on what might occur based on his observation.

Fast forward to my follow-up MRI, I immediately scheduled my surgery. I mean, what woman wants to go weeks on end with the prolonged pain associated with her menstrual cycle? Pain that I felt often times lasted for days or even weeks so for me, this surgery was my only resort and Dr. Seckin was the only doctor that made me feel comfortable to conduct such.

Stage 4 Endometriosis

On surgery day all went well. I woke up to find that the initial reason for surgery (my potential stage 4 endometriosis issue) was minor in a sense.

Endometriosis and C-section

The main reason why for 11 years I had increased pain in my lower abdomen that altered the way in which I would cough and or sneeze due to not wanting to irritate my C-section scar, had a lot to do with how my initial C-section operation.

For 11 years after giving birth I would have crippling pain whenever my menstrual cycle was near, which would cause me to stop in my tracks.

Sleep was an issue as I would toss and turn for hours on end. Intimacy too was a problem, as the pain would be a constant. The hard surface of the floor was my best friend.

The scar from my C-section operation was rather thick and hard in feeling. For me, this was seemingly normal and I was content in knowing that I was able to be a mother and will have to live with the end result of having had a C-section.

Long story short, as the surgery was underway, Dr. Seckin was able to identify that my uterus and (bladder?) adhered to my lower abdomen and he had to separate them. As I was being told this, I simply died a little inside knowing that a routine C-section that is performed on millions of mothers, caused such an issue after more than a decade.

Watching snippets of the operation video in Dr. Seckin’s office again gave me chills all while I quietly whispered internally “thank you”.

Looking forward

Today I am 11 days post-operation and I am already able to feel the difference when I cough and sneeze. No need to have to tighten my abdomen and no longer needing to sneeze in what feels like my head. Though still sore, I can sneeze and cough with ease. I am ecstatic. This may seem minor but for me, this is a major deal. Only time will tell how well I continue to heal and for that, I will be forever grateful to Dr. Seckin and his team.

Natina S.

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