So grateful that Dr. Seckin was put in my path

My Name is Elisandra. I am now 39-years-old. My first meeting with Dr. Seckin went great… When I was about 20-years-old, I had a surgery with a different doctor who was a bit old fashioned and not very comforting. After meeting Dr. Seckin and his staff, I knew he would be my doctor for life. He was very informative, told me what to expect, about my options, and did not beat around the bush.

I made my appointment with him at his 5th avenue office which was such a pleasant change of scenery from my previous doctor. I went over with him what I was feeling inside and also told him what surgery and approach my previous doctor took. He began to tell me that he wished that I would have met him sooner and he could of saved my ovary which my previous doctor removed entirely. After my initial checkup, sure enough I had another cyst growing on my left ovary. I must say he was very informative told me what I should expect: that he would only remove the cyst and a small part of my ovary that the cyst had attached to. He also told me he wanted me to take in all the information he gave me and then make my decision. 

I knew that surgery was the only way to remove this cyst. Dr. Seckin assured me that he would not make a big incision like my previous doctor did. He told me he would do laparoscopic surgery with minimal scarring. I had my surgery and all went well, the anesthesiologist and staff at the hospital were very kind to me. My follow up appointment was great. I felt great after my surgery with Dr. Seckin, I didn’t feel sick like I did at my previous doctor.

Fast forward to February 2014: I started having the same pain I had remembered from the past. I made my appointment to see Dr. Seckin and he informed me and showed me that I have yet another cyst on my ovary along with endometriosis which he could remove. He did inform me that I would have to have the rest of my ovary removed because the cyst and endometriosis were taking over my ovary. He assured me that he would take care of me and only remove what is necessary so that I won’t have to have this surgery again. As I have in the past, I put my life and body in Dr. Seckin’s hands and until this day I have never doubted him or anything he has done for me. He is very professional and he never does anything that is not absolutely necessary. He cares about his patients; he has a great demeanor and is always attentive.

I had my surgery on a Friday. I was lucky enough not to have to have a hysterectomy, which he did say would be the case if he found anything else. He removed my cyst, endometriosis, as well as the last piece of ovary I had left. I was in the hospital for one night. I felt great after my surgery, had no pain, and I was glad I didn’t have to take any pain medication. By that next Thursday, I was already back at work.

I would like to thank Dr. Seckin and his great staff Lucy and Kim for caring for his patients as they would for family members. I would definitely recommend that before you judge someone by what you read, give him a try. He is an amazing doctor and is very compassionate. I am so glad to have found him when I did. He has changed my life like I wouldn’t have imagined. 

I can’t thank you enough, Dr. Seckin. I am so grateful that you are such amazing person before anything and the best doctor in your field without a doubt.

Thank you so very much,

Elisandra O.

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