Sheena W. Testimony: A Magical Endometriosis Surgery

I write this review two days after my extensive endometriosis surgery with the incredible medical magician that is Dr. Tamer Seckin.

In March, after a radiologist diagnosed me with a nearly 6 cm endometrioma, or chocolate cyst, on my left ovary, I ventured to the Seckin Endometriosis Center in the hopes that their surgery could save me, as they have saved hundreds, if not thousands of women worldwide.

I found Dr. Seckin in the nick of time. In lieu of me deciding when I could commit to surgery, my endometrioma ruptured on April 5th. My husband rushed me to Lenox Hill Hospital as I alerted Dr. Seckin and his office. Dr. Seckin pulled every single string even before he arrived in the operating room to make sure I wanted for absolutely nothing. Upon arrival, I was whisked through the red tape as the team of helpful residents descended upon me and assuaged the pain pre-op with anesthesia.

My endometriosis surgery lasted nearly four hours and carried on into the late evening. Dr. Seckin carefully and painstakingly removed the disease from both of my ovaries and preserved both. In doing so, he also preserved my ability to one day become a mother. As a preventative, he also removed my inflamed appendix, a common feeding ground for endometriosis. When I woke up, after this emotional journey we went on together, Dr. Seckin looked at me and said with a big smile:

“You are perfect on the inside.”

Praise for Dr. Seckin

I owe my life and renewed livelihood to this man who meticulously inspected my abdomen for any and all traces of endometriosis that had been quietly leeching away at me. I am an editor of a national magazine who is responsible for a great deal of content. Content that requires my good health so that I may focus and multi-task without the burden of heavy, clotty periods, killer cramps, and burning sciatica pain running down both of my legs. This would not have been possible without the Seckin Endometriosis Center.

From the moment I met Dr. Seckin, I immediately recognized his passion to help me. And I felt refreshed to know he could be as angry as I was at all of the gynecologists who had failed me before him. His peers at Lenox Hill are equally in awe of him as I am. Seckin is a visionary and a caped crusader on the front lines in the fight against endometriosis. I am blessed to have been healed by his hands and I have no hesitation to recommend his expertise to anyone who is suffering from this wicked, wicked disease.

Thank you to my doctor, Dr.Seckin, and thank you to the Seckin Endometriosis Center.

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