SeckinMD’s Dr. Karli Goldstein Talks Diagnosing Endometriosis with Cosmopolitan

Seckin Endometriosis Center’s Dr. Karli Goldstein knows endometriosis inside and out—and in a brand-new interview, she shares her top tips for making sure your gynecologist understands when your period pain isn’t normal.

Dr. Goldstein views the disease through a unique lens: not only is she an associate endometriosis surgeon and a fellow of endometriosis surgery at SeckinMD, but she is also a Stage IV Endometriosis patient who spent years of being misdiagnosed or undiagnosed herself.

“There’s a lack of education about endometriosis, in general,” Dr. Goldstein told in a Dec. 11 online article, “What To Do If You Think You Have Endometriosis?” 

Particularly when it comes to how the disease can masquerade as other conditions. Dr. Goldstein pointed out that patients who complain of lingering irritable bowel syndrome or IBS symptoms, despite implementing doctor-recommended dietary changes, is often a red flag for her, and one clue that OB-GYN’s should be made aware of.

Dr. Karli Goldstein
Dr. Karli Goldstein

Also, she encourages patients to put their smartphones to good use by using their calendars to track symptoms that occur during or outside of periods like bloating, pain during sex and pain during bowel movements.

Ever been prescribed a prescription-strength NSAID like Naproxen for period pain? You guessed it: write that one down too, she shares.

Dr. Goldstein joined Seckin Endometriosis Center in 2017 after training extensively under world-renown endometriosis excision specialist Dr. Tamer Seckin during her residency at NYC’s Lenox Hill Hospital.

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