Revealed moderate endometriosis

Words cannot describe our gratitude and respect for Dr. Seckin. My wife and I struggled with infertility for five years. After multiple rounds of failed IVF, we decided to switch fertility specialists. Our new reproductive physician had suspicions of endometriosis (even though my wife was asymptomatic) and referred us to an ob-gyn surgeon who performed the laparoscopy which revealed moderate endometriosis.

Another year passed and the frustration continued. During a routine sonogram, a suspicious cyst was noticed. The decision to delay another IVF cycle and perform another surgery was not an easy one. After thorough research and recommendations, we were lead to Dr. Tamer Seckin. Our first visit with Dr. Seckin was quite memorable. After a thorough history and physical examination, I handed him the operative report. A minute later, he took off his glasses, glanced up at us, and ripped up the paper. Dr. Seckin succinctly stated, “This report is rubbish. I do not burn, I cut.” My wife was a bit surprised by his demeanor, however, I was not. Being a physician anesthesiologist myself, I interact with surgeons on a daily basis and I am used to their personalities. Dr. Seckin promised to help us and scheduled the surgery quickly. Three hours later, Dr. Seckin emerged from the operating room to give me a full report. The endometriosis was quite extensive and even affected my wife’s appendix. Dr. Seckin also had a colo-rectal surgeon present during the operation. He gave us his cell phone number with specific postoperative instructions and to not hesitate to call with any questions.

One year later, my wife became pregnant, NATURALLY, and on April 12, 2016, our precious daughter, Gabrielle, was born. We recently took a visit to see Dr. Seckin’s office to show him our bundle of joy. It was nice to hear him say that our visit made his day. May God bless Dr. Tamer Seckin and his skilled hands.

Great Neck, New York

Sept 2016

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