Prior to coming to Dr. Seckin I had lost all hope

Prior to coming to Dr. Seckin, I had lost all hope. I was sinking deeper and deeper into despair as I kept running into walls. I had surgery back in 2009 but the surgeon was unable to help me because my case was the worst he had ever seen. I then went on a search for the next few years to find someone who could successfully help me. I would call doctor after doctor and they would all say the same thing. “If I perform surgery and find that the endometriosis has affected your organs or colon I will have to sew you up and you will have to find someone else.”  I would hang up the phone and burst into tears not knowing if I would ever be able to get better.  Finally, I found Dr. Seckin and was so excited to see all of the testimonials of success stories. When I met Dr. Seckin I KNEW he was the one who would be able to help me. I felt as though I was in good hands and he was so confident that he would be able to take care of me.

You see, my case had become quite severe. I had a large chocolate cyst in each ovary. The right ovary burst six times over the years and caused a lot of issues. My left ovary just kept growing bigger and bigger every month and got to be 18-20cm big!!

The pain had become so severe that the last six months I could barely work. Not a day went by that I wasn’t in severe pain. I lost 20 pounds and felt my body was failing me. I was feeling nauseous almost every day and could barely eat. Turns out my endometriosis had spread all over including to my liver and lungs. I had trouble with constipation and I had to pee every 20 minutes or else I would be in even more severe pain. I had no energy to do anything… I felt pretty useless.

It has been three weeks since I had surgery and I noticed a HUGE difference. Yes, there was a lot of pain after surgery because he had to do quite a bit of work and I am still recovering and have pain. But it is so different! I no longer suffer from constipation and have to constantly go to the bathroom. Dr. Seckin successfully removed both of the cysts and I believe most of the endometriosis. I have not had any major complications that I had so feared knowing how difficult this surgery would be.

I am so incredibly grateful to Dr. Seckin and his team. They worked with me financially because I do not have insurance. I had to raise the money for my surgery and they gave me a significant discount to make this possible because Dr. Seckin actually cares about helping women. He is a wonderful man, and because of his skill and his heart, I am now able to work toward my goals with music and acting and not live with the pain and stress of the risks that I was living with every day.

I don’t know about you. You may be completely satisfied with your doctors, and you may feel as though you can live with what you have. But if you want to feel better, and have a doctor who understands and sympathizes, you need to come to Dr. Seckin. Don’t wait like I had to. The sooner you go the sooner you will be living the life you desire.

 Candie T., 26

North Conway, NH

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