Nancy’s Endometriosis Story

I am so thankful for Dr. Seckin and his team the patient care coordinators, and the nurses
at Seckin Endometriosis Center who helped me get the care and surgery I needed to turn my
life around. This is truly an amazing practice and I would recommend them to any woman
struggling with endometriosis.

Cramps, awful bloating

I spent almost 30 years of my life with debilitating cramps, awful bloating, and throbbing pain in
my legs and back that made it impossible to lie down, sit down, sleep, or simply function. I could
take 10+ Aleve per day and still be in excruciating pain. Gynecologists didn’t believe me,
consistently dismissed me and did nothing to help except send me for ultrasounds and then say
everything was “fine”. As I got older, the symptoms took over my life and I barely had one week
a month where I felt okay.

To make matters worse, my lung “mysteriously” collapsed four years ago and not one doctor put
two and two together and connected it to endometriosis. I still have not recovered emotionally or
physically from that awful experience.

This spring I decided I was no longer going to live like this. The pain was unbearable. I started
doing research on my own and came to the conclusion that I must have endometriosis. I
Googled ‘endometriosis specialist in NYC’ and came across Dr. Seckin and the team. I called
that day and was able to get a consultation set up very quickly, which was amazing. Their
patient care coordinator, Leah, was extremely helpful and provided me so much information
about the process and their practice. (She is truly a kind and caring individual and I love chatting
with her every time I’m in the office.)

Meeting with Dr. Seckin

As soon as I met Dr. Seckin and the team, I knew I was where I needed to be. I was evaluated
and sent for an MRI and it was determined that I had endometriosis. Over the course of three
months between my initial consultation and my surgery, I met with Dr. Seckin, and Dr. Chu, multiple times. I cannot speak to their level of compassion enough. The amount of
time they dedicate to each of their patients is incredible. They not only provide all of the medical
information in a way you can understand, but they make sure you understand everything AND
do so much to calm your nerves and make you feel like you are truly being taken care of.
Because of my lung history, my case was more complicated and they sent me to an amazing
Cardio Thoracic Surgeon, Dr. Lawrence Inra, to evaluate me before surgery. I was so thankful
for this recommendation as I got so many answers to questions that were left unsolved during
my lung surgery. Dr. Seckin and the team also determined that it was highly likely that my lung
collapse was due to endometriosis. This was a true moment of clarity for me as I had spent the
last four years of my life wondering why that had happened to me and living in fear that it would
happen again.

Surgery Day

On surgery day, Dr. Seckin, and Dr. Chu, were all present and they met with me
prior to the surgery to go over everything and make sure I was okay. Upon going into the
surgery room, I was very nervous, but Dr. Chu held my hand and stood there with me while the
anesthesiologist got my IV set up. She knew I didn’t like IVs and was therefore so supportive

and kind – squeezing my hand and having me focus on her instead of the IV. It was a very raw
moment staring into each other’s eyes and having a human connection like that – it brings tears
to my eyes thinking about it and I will always have a special place for her in my heart.
My surgery went incredibly well and I had actually decided to have a full hysterectomy because
of my age and my history with the lung collapse. I was going to keep my ovaries, but during the
surgery, they spotted a cyst, so decided to remove it which I was fine with and I trusted them to
make the right decisions for me.

After Surgery

I must say that in the weeks following my surgery, I was amazed that I had undergone such a
major surgery because I felt so great after only 5 days. I didn’t even need painkillers aside from
Tylenol which was absolutely mind-blowing. I realized without a doubt that I had gone to the
right place. Not only are they incredible surgeons and physicians, but they care so much about
each and every patient. It is no surprise why women travel from all over the world to see them.
It has been two months since my surgery and I am still in shock that I have all of this behind me
and can live my life pain-free. I am so lucky and grateful that I found the team and hope that
every woman that is frustrated and without hope will find their way to Seckin Endometriosis

Thank you, Dr. Seckin, Dr. Chu, Leah, Kim, Megan, Claire and the rest of the
team for being such amazing people!

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