My very first visit with Dr. Seckin was very eye opening

I had been going through IVF for a little bit over a year when I decided to switch doctors. Friends of mine had recommended a terrific doctor on the East Side in Midtown, and on my very first visit he was able to identify one of the issues why I was not getting pregnant. I had started to get fibroids a couple of years earlier but as far as I knew they were growing very slowly and my last fertility doctor didn’t think they were an issue. My new doctor did. He detected that one of them was large enough and it was literally in the center of my uterus. He reffered me to Dr. Seckin. He mentioned his wife had had a very successful laparoscopic hysterectomy with Dr. Seckin and he was recommending that I consider removing my fibroids laparoscopically before moving forward with IVF treatments

My very first visit with Dr. Seckin was very eye opening. He took time to sit with me and discuss the different types of fibroids and how he was able to go in laparoscopically to remove them. I really appreciated the amount of time he took with me because I remembered coming out of the office and more than 45 minutes had passed, so right away I knew he was the right doctor.

The entire process up to and including surgery was the same way. Dr. Seckin patiently explained what the surgery entailed and even suggested some YouTube website so I could watch actual laparoscopic myomectomy being performed, which believe it or not was a big help.

The day of surgery I was extremely nervous waiting for my turn. Right before I was wheeled into surgery, Dr. Seckin assured me that everything would be fine, and it was. The surgery went very well. And what was even more amazing was that my incisions healed extremely well. I couldn’t believe it. The very next day after surgery I was in some pain of course, but I was up and walking around and within a couple of weeks my incisions were pretty much healed. One of the incisions was through my belly button and I was nervous about Dr. Seckin having to reconstruct it but it looks the same as it did before.

I’m still going through IVF treatments. It turns out I have other issues besides my fibroids but at least my fibroids are one less thing for me to worry about, thanks to Dr. Seckin.

M. Aleevski
Astoria, NY

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