My struggle with Stage 4 Endometriosis began April 2014.

My struggle with Stage 4 Endometriosis began in April 2014. It was found on a CT scan that I had that was ordered through my Urologist after I was complaining of severe abdominal pain and urinary/bladder pain. The test picked up a mass that was encompassing my bladder, fallopian tubes, both ovaries, and colon. I was advised to find a GYN surgeon to have the mass removed as soon as possible. I found a GYN near my home in Long Island that stated that he specialized in the removal of Endometriosis using the Robotic Laparoscopic approach.  I was made to believe that this approach would be less invasive and that I would have less “downtime” post- surgery.  

My first robotic surgery was in May 2014.  I came out of surgery with incisions, scars and large bruises all over my abdomen. I was out of work for three weeks after surgery. A few months later I started to experience abdominal pain that was so severe that I went to my local ER. After tests were conducted, it showed that my endometriosis came back. I then had my second Robotic Laparoscopy performed by the same surgeon in Long Island in November of 2014. I came out of my second surgery more battered and bruised than the first. I missed a month of work after my second surgery and always felt fatigued and generally “unwell.”

In January 2015, my cramps, abdominal pain, leg and back pain returned. I had more tests performed which confirmed what I feared. My endometriosis was back and was worse than ever. I felt so angry and misled by my original surgeon who assured me that the Robotic approach was the best option for me to remove my endometriosis.  I can honestly say that I did not experience less “downtime” with this surgical approach.  I believe wholeheartedly that I had incomplete surgeries with the robotic technique because I experienced persistent and more aggressive endometriosis just a short time after both surgeries. Tests confirmed that the Robotic approach failed to remove the Endometriosis from both my rectum and sigmoid colon. The Robotic surgeries in my eyes completely failed and left me with nothing but six (1 to 2 inch) incisional scars to remind me of what a failure and waste of time those surgeries were.  After receiving confirmation that my Endometriosis came back, my instincts told me I needed to find another surgeon and a skilled one with knowledge of my disease.

 I did my research and found Dr. Tamer Seckin. I knew after my first interaction with Dr. Seckin that I was in great hands and that he was the doctor for me. He took the time to listen to me and answer any questions that I had. He explained to my husband and me that surgery would be needed to remove these growths and explained his Laparoscopic Excisional technique. He explained the process in detail and assured me that I would feel like my old self again once the surgery was done.

My surgery was performed on March 28th, 2015.  Prior to my surgery Dr. Seckin explained the procedure in detail and introduced me to his team of assistants and physicians that would be involved with my case. Unlike the way I felt after my first two surgeries, I came out of this surgery clear-headed and alert. Dr. Seckin is a man of his word because I also had no bruising, swelling, and minimal discomfort postoperatively.  Unlike the Robotic surgery, this time I had three tiny incisions that healed and left little to no scarring. The following day I already felt like I had more energy than I did after my last procedure. I was able to walk and ambulate without any issues.

I strongly recommend Dr. Seckin and his talented staff to any woman struggling with this horrible disease.  His laparoscopic excisional approach for removing endometriosis is the best approach and I can honestly say that I haven’t felt this great in over a year.

Thank you Dr. Seckin for giving me my life back. I am forever grateful that I found you.


Christine K.

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