My story is so ideal, I don’t think anyone will even believe it

As I am writing my testimonial, I’m thinking to myself, “my story is so ideal, I don’t think anyone will even believe it”. 

Simply put, before seeing Dr. Seckin, I had 2 laparoscopies, which were not only unsuccessful, but made my symptoms exponentially worse. I had horrible pain, a host of other debilitating symptoms, and struggled to walk at times. After five years of infertility, I struggled through unsuccessful fertility treatments. I was exhausted, discouraged, and felt helpless.

I will spare all of the details of my case and my surgery, but want to share that I was lucky to have Dr. Seckin operate on me in August 2014. My pain during recovery was minimal (only requiring ibuprofen!) and as I healed I felt just normal and free of endo. I honestly never thought I would feel normal again. Three months after my surgery I discovered I was pregnant.   

Words cannot express how blessed I feel to have had this skilled and caring surgeon operate on me. I truly feel like my life has been restored. 


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