My Journey with Endometriosis

It started one year ago October. My husband and I had just gotten married and felt I should go off birth control. At first I thought it was just stomach cramps from some bad food. After weeks of no relief I went to my doctor. She did a pelvic sonogram and told me it was a cyst that had ruptured (as she saw fluid in my uterus) and that it would go away on it’s own. Well, it didn’t; it got worse. I sought out a different doctor, a second opinion as I knew something was seriously wrong. My first appointment with this new doctor, and OB was a meeting in her office. I described my history and when I saw her I had been in constant pain for 3 months. It was too painful to even have sex with my new husband! During the appointment she explained a disease called Endometriosis. I had never heard of it before. She explained what it was and I had two choices for relief. Either I go back on birth control or have an exploratory laporoscopic surgery and specimens would be sent out for biopsy. In my opinion, the surgery was the only way I would be sure so my husband and I discussed it and decided to go forwards with the surgery. During this time, I felt a multitude of feelings, thoughts, emotions. I was 24 years old at this time, finding out something may be wrong with me. I researched the disease and didn’t find that much information on it. Could I possibly have a disease that may be incurable? How is that going to change my life? How will it affect my husband? Will we be able to have children?

After the surgery I went until my first period 3 months later before I experienced more pain. I was put on Seasonique, a stronger BC than my prior one but the pain was back every 3 months when I got my period. It seemed to get worse every cycle. I thought I was over this! I had the surgery, got back on BC and here we go again! I went back to the OB and she prescribed Vicodin and Percocet for the pain. The narcotics literally got me through the day, Advil and Tylenol did nothing for me anymore. The pain was so bad I had to stop working. I work with an all man crew doing concrete construction and there was no way I could do my job. I was nauseous, in pain and miserable. No one should have to live like this! I was a prisoner to my pain, I started calling it my demon as it was always with me destroying any joy or pleasure in life. I was so tired all the time, I was always an athlete- playing ice hockey, riding horses etc. and I could not do any of that. I started having severe pain in my side. I told my doctor about it thinking it could be one of my kidneys or even appendicitis. She ordered another pelvic exam! It was not in my pelvis, it was something else. After being ignored and told to just take my pain meds over and over I was fed up. I needed someone to really listen to me, someone who knew more about this disease. That was when I found Dr. Seckin. I scheduled an appointment and spoke with Kim and Lucy who are absolutely wonderful. My mom took me to my first appointment with Dr. Seckin. I walked in and immediately noticed how comfortable the office is. Small, quaint and comfortable. I did my meeting with Dr. Seckin and a physical exam. He told me he could feel how sick I was and knew I needed help. But the biggest thing he told me that meant the most was that he knew he could help me. He wrote down everything I told him, listened to me and comforted me. I had never experienced that with a doctor before. I felt for the first time a relief and happy again that I could get this fixed — to get my life back.

A month later my surgery took place at Lenox Hill Hospital. The staff and care were insurmountable. I thought, it’s over! I got through it! A few days after the surgery I was back at Dr. Seckin’s office for a check up. Everything went beautifully. He had removed endo from my bladder, uterus, cul de sac, and removed my appendix as that was riddled with endo cells. About a week of recovery and I was back to my job and feeling pretty good. It took me about two weeks to get back to normal.

How do I thank a man who saved my life? I will never forget this experience and the people at Dr. Seckin’s office who made this happen. Lucy, Kim, Dr. Seckin, thank you, thank you for giving me my life back. Right now, 3 months after my surgery I feel fabulous! I have a lot of energy, I am back to running and have NO PAIN. In addition to feeling great, after one month of trying, my husband and I are expecting our first child due in June 2014. Without Dr. Seckin that would not have been possible.

Thank you for everything,


September 27, 2013

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