My journey for answers began in 2014

My journey for answers began in 2014. At the time I started to have very painful ovulation. More than the usual twinge of pain that goes away after a few hours these pains lasted for 1-2 days.  I went to see my OBGYN who did his best to diagnose my issue. After a pelvic ultrasound, I was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst and given pain medication.  Each month my ovulation would get worse. I would have more pain and take pain pills until it passed.

After months went on my ovulation pain would last for a week or more. At times I would have pain right up until I had my period.  Intimacy with my husband began to cause pain. I grew weary and would end up in the emergency room many nights because I could not bear the pain.

In 2015 I started to develop gastrointestinal pain along with the ovulation cycle pain. I went and had many different tests and emergency room visits only to come up with all negative results. I began to feel like maybe I was crazy. In June of 2015 I became pregnant and by July I lost the pregnancy. From that point on I had a lot more monthly pain. My pelvic pain lasted for 3 weeks out of the month. This caused me to be depressed, call in sick to work on many days, and spend countless nights in the emergency room.

Finally, after visiting my OBGYN again, he offered to do a diagnostic laparoscopy to see what was going on inside. When I awoke from surgery the doctor stated, “we found the source of your pain”. “You have something called deep endometriosis.” He then went on to explain that it was so deep that he did not think that there was anything he could do for it. I was very depressed that I was facing a life of pain with no hope.

Refusing to accept this as my fate I quickly scoured the internet for people with the same issue. I found many women who had this diagnosis that were being treated for it either with medication or surgery. Taking hormones was not an option for me.  I wanted to find someone who could safely remove the tissue. I quickly came across Dr. Seckin on the internet. I saw he was one of the world’s best surgeons for endometriosis and that he was in New York close to where I live, so I scheduled a consultation.

Dr. Seckin makes no assumptions and is not quick to just do surgery. He went over my symptoms with me and then scheduled an MRI. After the results of my MRI, continued pain, and a few more visits with Dr. Seckin, I was scheduled for surgery. Dr. Seckin also had me consult with a colorectal surgeon because I had so many gastrointestinal issues.

The day of my surgery I was nervous. I was quickly put at ease when I met the entire team that would be with me during my surgery. Everyone was warm and reassuring and highly praised Dr. Seckin and his expertise. I was in surgery for a few hours and when I awoke I was sore. My husband reassured me that he consulted with the doctor and he was confident that he removed my source of pain.

Within 4 days of my surgery, I felt very different than before. I kept waiting for the pelvic pain, but day after day it did not appear. I ovulated, no pain. I had my period, no pain. I ovulated again, no pain. Since my surgery a couple of months ago, I have been more active than I have been in at least two years. I joined a yoga class and am able to stretch without buckling from the gnawing pain in my pelvis. I am able to be a more attentive mother. I am not lying on the couch night after night with a heating pad on my pelvis. I have increased energy and am able to put 150% into my career.

I am very grateful to Dr. Seckin for listening to me and understanding. I am grateful for his expertise and skill.  I am grateful he did not make me feel like I am crazy or that my pain was imagined. Most of all I am grateful that Dr. Seckin gave me hope and did not allow me to accept a life of pain.

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