My entire post pubescent life has been marked by excruciating periods

I am a 35-year-old married woman suffering from endometriosis since I was 17 years old. My entire post pubescent life has been marked by excruciating periods, that forced me once a month to leave school with unbearable pain, diarrhea, and exhaustion. I never understood how my girlfriends could bear the pain of their periods, assuming everyone went through what I was going through.  My first ruptured cyst sent me to the ER, followed by a week of recovery.

Throughout my early 20’s my chronic pelvic pain and monthly debilitating periods disrupted my school, my work and my relationships with boyfriends. When I was 25 I was officially diagnosed via Laparoscopic surgery with endo with a highly recommended and well-known gyno/fertility doctor. The level of aftercare and sympathy was so disheartening and incredibly difficult to wrap my brain about. My pain was not managed at all and I was made to feel like I was being dramatic. I was also told medicine that would put me into menopause was my only option. I was bluntly told at 25 that if I wanted to have children I would have to do so immediately or risk infertility. After going to doctor after doctor, countless ER visits and all around a desperate desire to be heard and respected at the level of pain I was feeling I finally, finally found Dr. Seckin. From the moment I walked into his office, I was respected, listened to and above all believed at the level of pain I lived in every day. I cannot tell you how disheartening it feels to live in pain every day and actually have a female doctor tell me “oh sweetie that must suck, take some Tylenol” Dr. Seckin validated what I was feeling both physically as well as emotionally.

After discussing surgery I began to panic at the thought of the recovery and excruciating pain I experienced with my last excision surgery. I was assured my Dr. Seckin and his staff that I would be well taken care of and have access to Dr. Seckins personal cell phone should I need anything. I am truly grateful to Dr. Seckin’s skill as a surgeon and his excellent knowledge in endometriosis care. Thank you to Dr. Seckin and his staff for their tireless efforts in scheduling, answering my questions and above all making me feel heard, understood and validated after nearly 20 years of feeling powerless and defeated both physically and emotionally. I know endometriosis will continue to rear its ugly head but I finally feel confident that I have the access to the very best health care professional in this field as well as the emotional support I so desperately needed to brave this battle!

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